Wilson graduates Diane VanLaningham '72 and Dennis VanLaningham '75 are the co-owners of Rose City Delicacies, LLC. Their brand, City of Roses, has five flavors at this time, four of which are All Natural and use distilled spirits from local distilleries. After Wilson Diane went to Oregon State University, then to PCC/University of Oregon Medical School in Radiology graduating with an AAS. In 2002, Diane graduated from Concordia University with a B.S. in Health Care Administration. She has practiced radiology for 35 years. Over three years ago, Diane and Dennis started Rose City Delicacies, LLC. Still working part-time in the health field, Diane tells us that her passion is their company. "Currently we are in about 300+ retailers in 15 states."

You can purchase City of Roses GRAND MARNIER, All Natural Tangy Triple Sec, All Natural Mazama infused Pepper Vodka, All Natural Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir Creamy Mustards at numerous locations in the greater Portland area, including Food Front Hillsdale and Food Front NW Portland, Elephant’s Delicatessen, Honey Baked Ham, all five Lamb’s Thriftway locations, Bale's Thriftway locations, Market of Choice SW Terwilliger & Taylors Ferry, In Good Taste in the Pearl District and several other locations around the county, just to name a few. You can contact Diane and Dennis at Rose City Delicacies, LLC at 7133 SW Burlingame Ave, Portland, Oregon 97219, phone: 503-246-0004, fax: 503-246-0005 or email: diane@rosecitydelicacies.com or dennis@rosecitydelicacies.com. To read all about Rose City Delicacies, check out their website at www.rosecitydelicacies.com.

Reflecting on her time at Wilson, Diane remembers Ray Conlon. Not only was he "a family friend, but a teacher that taught me a lot." It will also be no surprise to learn that Diane was the Business Editor on the yearbook staff at Wilson. Diane's brothers are Larry '69 and Dennis '75, both residing in the Portland area. Their parents are John and Barbara VanLaningham, currently residing in downtown Portland.

Next time you want to tantalize your taste buds, think City of Roses Creamy Mustards! Where the difference is in the Distilled Spirit!

Congratulations to Diane and Dennis!