Peter Ludwin graduated from Wilson in 1960 and is a a two-time finalist for the Gival Press Poetry Award and is the recipient of a Literary Fellowship from Artist Trust, and, in 2013, the W.D. Snodgrass Award for Endeavor and Excellence in Poetry. He was the 2007-2008 Second Prize Winner of the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Awards.

For the past twelve years he has been a participant in the San Miguel Poetry Week in Mexico, where he has studied under such noted poets as Mark Doty, Tony Hoagland, Joseph Stroud and Robert Wrigley. His work has appeared in many journals, including The Bitter Oleander, The Comstock Review, Crab Orchard Review, Nimrod, North American Review and Prairie Schooner.

His first book, A Guest in All Your Houses, was published in 2009 by Word Walker Press. His second, Rumors of Fallible Gods, was a Finalist for the Gival Press Poetry Award in both 2010 and 2011, and has been published by Presa Press.

He has been nominated multiple times for a Pushcart Prize. Soundings Review named him the winner of its spring/summer 2011 Reader’s Choice award for his poem, “A Convocation of Crows. The Comstock Review designated his poem, “Trial of Compassion, Baker City, Oregon” a Special Merit Recognition recipient in the 2012 Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Awards Contest.

Here’s what Joseph Stroud, an American poet, has to say about Rumors of Fallible Gods, "Ludwin has a lucid eye for details, he sees clearly, he does not avoid or look away, as he builds the landscape of the poem and etches it within us. When you pick up Peter Ludwin’s book, put on your traveling shoes—you’re going on a journey."

And William O’Daly, an American poet, says, "Peter Ludwin establishes himself as a citizen of the poetic imagination, availing readers of the intricate relationships between the geopolitical and the personal worlds we create and shape every day. Ludwin is inhabitant and traveler, respecting the nature of his sudden arrival and inevitable departure, always at home in the epiphanic air."

An avid traveler who has visited remote Indian families in the Ecuadorean Amazon, hitchhiked in Greece and bargained in the Marrakech market, Peter Ludwin spent nearly a month in 2011 in China and Tibet. He lives in Kent, Washington. Follow this link for a photo of Peter. Click here to contact Peter.